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    Alex Retzlaff

    Hi Janos,

    Please find my answers below:

    1. Can all drop-down standard task menus please be always collapsed instead of always expanded?

      In the latest version of Fewzion, the collapse/extend feature of Standard Task groups are now stateful. For example, Groups will no longer default to the extended view in the Standard Task Panel but default to the last known state (per User, at process level).

    2. Can each shift please group the tasks together instead of spreading them erratically?

      At the moment on the Shift Plans, Tasks are order by "priority, then description", if suitable tasks can be ordered by "tasktype, priority, then description". Please see example below. This is a quick configuration change. The only other thing to considered is the order of the task types (they can be re-ordered via manage screen -> task type screen, drag and drop).


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